About The Host




Safaa is a dynamic Certified Professional Coach (CPC) whose purpose is to be fully alive acquiring knowledge in diverse fields. She applies it to herself first and then imparts her wisdom to others so that they receive the most benefit from what she has achieved.

An experienced world traveler, Safaa enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life. Her upbringing and education have taken her to many places and exposed her to various backgrounds and cultures. In her journeys, she developed a keen sense of asking the right questions in order to dig deeper to get to know someone, therefore instilling in her a love of interviewing.

Safaa strengthened her coaching skills by attending different programs and learned how to support coaches in order market themselves authentically. She applied that in her own coaching practice as well. In one year, Safaa worked with 45 coachee/clients from around the world. She has proven her marketing intelligence and experience while coaching diverse coaches located in different cities in many countries to market themselves online authentically in order to find their ideal clients.

Safaa feels quite privileged to be wearing different professional career hats utilizing her valuable educational background that she is always successfully able to interrelate in various occupational arenas.


Safaa is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC). She received her certification via the International Coach Academy (ICA), an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP), which is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Safaa is a member and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) at ICF.

She has been always interested in the fields of humanities and connecting with people. Safaa obtained her Masters Degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the American University in Cairo, Egypt. Learning and conducting research about different cultures and societies along with their people gives her enormous opportunities to add a growing understanding of this diversity of individuals.

As a passionate knowledge seeker, she went through different educational arenas from which Safaa accumulated a rich knowledge and met diverse people. This eventually led her to have a wide experience in life. Safaa received her Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, English Section, from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt.

She is a certified as a Public Relation Specialist from Al-Ahram Advertising Agency. Safaa obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources from the Management Center at The American University in Cairo, Egypt, as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Electronic Commerce for Businesspersons and Managers from Delta Information Technology Institute in Cairo, Egypt.



Via this long educational journey, Safaa has met various people from different backgrounds in terms of nationalities, ethnicities, age, gender, religious beliefs, educational backgrounds, careers, and classes. This is positively mirrored in being a good communicator with diverse people from around the world. Since her childhood, Safaa has often traveled to Germany, Egypt, Lebanon, England, the United States while living in Kuwait, and recently in Egypt.

This has enlightened her in how to communicate with diverse people from various cultures and societies from different countries. This supports her significantly in conducting interviews with diverse people from around the world.

Why Work with Safaa?

Safaa is a solution-oriented and a positive-thinking person equipped with excellent communication skills. She creatively and professionally contributes to helping people enjoy a higher level of well-being and exploring with them their strengths and potential powers to achieve their desired goals.

All of these experiences, skills, and professional positions that Safaa has enjoyed throughout her life’s journey have paved her way to be a devoted professional Life Coach while also being a passionate professional anthropology and sociology researcher.

She is a strong communicator who has mastered interviewing skills by asking questions and listening carefully to diverse people. Safaa’s elite educational and work-related background and experiences lead her to be passionate to support coaches, coaching academies or institutions, and service providers for coaches to help their voices be heard and to reach their ideal clients via Voice of Coaches Services.