Transformative Coaching

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Case 1

Some months ago Susan, a life and spiritual coach called me and asked for orientation in her professional journey.  She was facing a stage of lack of focus and motivation… Even with a long journey in coaching and therapy she was feeling a great incapacity to create new solutions, like if her creativity was blocked. She said to me  “nothing happens!” We started focusing new perspectives, empowering her inner strengths, challenging her thinking habits, and guess what… things finally started to happen, new ideas, new clients, energy restarted moving on… During the process she felt that she unblocked her energy and doing so, she was able to focusing on her ideas, intentions and choices. We worked in order to orient her to get the best of her potential.

At the end she said:

“The coaching sessions I had with Tania were truly transformative. I needed guidance and there is no doubt that I had it. I felt stronger, inspired, focused and really motivated with the process.”

Some thoughts about it

Those results are unique and have everything to do with the coachee availability to the real process. The coaching process had the responsibility to catalyze the shifting but the results were only possible because the coachee was committed to them. Transformative Coaching promotes the transformation of the individual’s potential into results. Transformative Coaching works with several positive emotions and skills, including spirituality. The Transformative Coaching is a process of discovery, personal and professional development, that includes dramatic, holistic and transpersonal methodologies. It promotes the opportunity of choice, action, and consequently the transformation (believes, feelings, behaviors, choices). By those transformations we get change of results and success.


I Had a Limiting Belief


One of the topics that I found so interesting in coaching studies was limiting beliefs. I was astonished of the fact that we may fail to do something because of our belief not because of our capabilities. We all think we are not able to do something because we are not talented enough but actually it may be just a belief we hold about ourselves. By holding a limiting belief we close all the doors in front of ourselves. We deprive ourselves from the available opportunities that may bring us happiness and success.

For long years, writing was a big challenge for me. At school I hated creative writing. I was studying Arabic, English and French and I wasn’t good at writing in any of these three languages. I lived for long years with the belief that I am not good at writing. I believed that I am talented in mathematics and numbers so I joined Engineering faculty and although I loved languages and literature I avoided all faculties of arts because of my belief. I thought I won’t be successful in such studies because it needs a certain level of writing capabilities. Even writing reports and emails at work was challenging to me. It took me some time to get used to writing reports. I wasn’t able to write any letters to friends and family members who were living abroad, I found it uninteresting and I preferred to talk on the phone. I always thought that people who were talented in writing were blessed; they can express and communicate their feelings and their thoughts to the world. I admired novelists, poets, journalists and writers. I liked writing but I believed I can’t do it. I never thought I would blog and publish my posts one day.