What is Coaching?


The International Coach Federation defines coaching in the following way: “Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Coaches help people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives.”

The life coach does not impose or tell you what to do but the life coach support you to explore what and how you like to be in life. The life coach is your partner in discovering your values and goal(s) which you would like to attain. There are several techniques and methodologies the coach uses to support you via your journey, such as but not limited to challenging, exploratory, powerful questions, and open ended questions. Careful listening is one of the key methods the coach uses. In addition, visualization is one of the methods that the coach uses. Each method or technique depends on the context and time. Some methods work with some clients while others are not. The coach always acknowledge you as a client in each step you take and provoke the power inside you to reach your desired goals based on an action plan that the coach will hold you up to create it to achieve your locked desired dreams, aims and lifestyle. Another role of the coach is to hold you accountable for the commitments you made toward your steps in your action plan. Whenever you feel blocked or something is stopping you from achieving your desired goal(s) during your designed action plan, the coach jump in to support you to figure out the reasons beyond this blocking so working with your coach unlock blocking aspects that enabling you to continue working on your designed action plan, modify it or create new one. Your commitment to the action plan is a cornerstone in coaching.

Life coaching can be over the Phone or Skype or other online communication methods, or Face-to- Face depends on the agreement between the coach and the client.

One of the unique aspect of life coaching is that it does not look to the past nor to the future as it main focus in the present moment. You as a client will discover how much creative and resourceful you are with the support of the life coach and the several scientific and professional methodologies, which depends on the time and context, the life coach applies to provoke or generate positive thinking and acting approach into your life.

It is essential to know that life coaching is not meant or engaged in diagnosing, curing, or treating mental disorder. It is not a substitute or replacement for psychotherapy, counseling, mental health care, and psychoanalysis. The information that the clients share with the life coach is confidential. As a professional coach, I follow the Ethics of the International Coach Federation.

 about_coach About a Coach and Client Partnership

“A Coach is your partner in achieving your personal goals, your champion during turnaround, your trainer in communication and life skills, your sounding board when making choices, your motivator when strong actions are called for, your unconditional support when you take a hit, your mentor in personal development, your co-designer when developing an extraordinary project, your beacon during stormy times, your wake-up call if you don’t hear your own, and most importantly: your partner in living the life you know you’re ready for, personally and professionally.” By Thomas Leonard