Why Voice of Coaches?


  • Your potential and ideal clients will be able to relate to you intimately as they listen to the energy of your voice during your interview.
  • Your voice and services, transferred in conversation, are strong and tangible messages to your ideal and potential clients.
  • Your Unique Interview will differentiate you and your services from others in your field.
  • Providing a live testimonial is a unique and special way of presenting you and your services.
  • Your potential and ideal clients will learn clearly about your services based on the customized interview questions.
  • You will get vast exposure and publicity to your potential and ideal clients by sharing Your Unique Interview and Transcript via your different social media channels. You can easily add, share and use your audio and the transcript of your audio that Voice of Coaches provides in places such as:
    • Blog Posts
    • Website
    • PDF report
    • Ezine/Newsletter
    • Ebook
    • YouTube Channel
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Facebook groups and pages
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn

Added Bonus!

Voice of Coaches ensures supporting you by sharing Your Unique Interview via our social media channels:

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